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60m 4 arm hoist lift rotary washing line with new easy reach load height.

Guaranteed for 5 years!!

For far too long this type of hoist washing line has had one major drawback. The loading height the rotary stood at approx 5ft11"/180cm. This meant that a lot of people really struggled to load their washing comfortably. In response to our customer feedback we have developed this new easy load model. No more stretching to load your washing. Now you can load at an easy, reachable height of 5ft5"/165cm. Hang your laundry and use the easy turn handle to lift the upper section away from the ground, upto approx 6ft6"/198cm high. (Lifting to exactly the same height as per our old 4 arm model)

If you've got a large family or you need a rotary washing line for professional use (hotels etc). This is probably the one to choose.

It features a crank handle lifting mechanism that will lift your washing high enough into the air so that longer items like duvet covers and bed sheets are off the ground (and out of the reach of kids and pets!).

The extra lift that this rotary washing line provides also improves the flow of air to your laundry and helps to reduce drying time.

Although we've designed this rotary washing line to be used domestically, it is also robust enough for use in shared community housing complexes, hotels etc (indeed we have many satisfied customers who use this rotary for such purposes).

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, like all our rotaries, it will give you many years of reliable service.

The handle operation on this model will not open & close the arms, it simply adds lift!

Like all our rotary washing lines, it comes with a free ground spike (which must be set in concrete due to the size of the rotary) & free water resistant zipped rotary washing line cover - together worth £27.00.

Please note: This item is not suitable for use with standard ground spikes or screws but it comes complete with it's own unique ground socket which must be set in concrete.

WARNING -Do not use this rotary in adverse weather conditions as this will void your guarantee.

Guaranteed for 5 years!!

Centre Pole Diameter: 50mm

Approx Distance From Ground To Lowest Line: 165cm / 5ft 5"

Turning Circle Approx: 3.0m

Full assembly and operation instructions are included.

The Home Laundry Company Ltd does not recommend the application of a 'drying canopy' on any of their outdoor dryer range. Use of such will void any guarantees.
Note: we are constantly seeking to improve our products and the actual product may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

All our rotary washing lines come with...

Free Ground Spike

All our rotary washing lines come with a free ground spike worth £11.99

Free Rotary Washing Line Cover

All our rotary washing clothes lines come with a free cover worth at least £8.49!

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