EXTRA-LARGE 60M Multi-Height Rotary Washing Line, FREE Metal Spike & Cover Worth 23. Premium Quality. HIGH QUALITY 5 YEAR GUARANTEE

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The multi-height system on this product is ideal for people who may require a low height setting and it achieves this with no loss of tension in the line. There are over 20 different height settings on this product so it can be comfortably used by people of all heights.

As well as being height adjustable, you can also adjust the tension on the 60 metres of washing line. This means that on sunny days when the washing line expands, you can easily re-adjust and take up any slack.

We've further increased the diameter of the centre pole on this rotary washing line to give added strength - it's now a whopping 50mm diameter!

So if you are looking for an all round, premium quality 60 metre Rotary Washing Line - this is the one to choose!!

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, like all our rotaries, it will give you many years of reliable service.

Remember we include a cover and metal ground spike worth 23.00 for free!

Oh, and we insure all our deliveries too!

Guaranteed for 5 years!!

WARNING: Do not use this rotary in adverse weather conditions as this will void your guarantee.

The Home Laundry Company Limited does not recommend the application of a 'drying canopy' on any of their outdoor dryer range. Use of such will void any guarantees.
Note: we are constantly seeking to improve our products and the actual product may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Centre Pole Diameter: 50mm

Turning Circle: 2.85m approx.

All the metal parts of this Rotary are manufactured from high grade steel for added strength and durability. And we've further improved the button operated multi-height and multi-tension system to be even easier to use than before.

Full assembly and operation instructions are included.

Model:  01004