3 Arm Rotary Washine Line vs 4 Arm

We make two types of Rotary Washing Line at the Home Laundry Company that include a crank handle for hoisting the washing line higher into the air to aid with drying.

Step One

One has three arms and the other has four arms.

Both are fantastic products and carry 60 metres of washing. However, our 3 Arm Rotary offers particular features and benefits that certain people and businesses – including large families, care homes, hoteliers, restaurant owners and industrial laundry services – often find very useful.

Step Two

As there are three arms instead of four, the length of washing line between each arm is much greater. Our Extra-Large 3 Arm Rotary Washing Line delivers a whopping 2.57m (8 ft 5”) line length. The primary advantage of this feature is that it allows you to hang King size duvets, sheets and tablecloths without having to fold them first, and because they are not folded, they will dry faster.

Step Three

To engineer a product that has such a large span between the arms and that can still handle 60 metres of washing, we had to significantly increase the strength of all the parts of the Rotary.

Step Four

We use metal brackets, nuts and bolts to attach the arms (instead of the standard plastic brackets and rivets used by most of our competitors) to take the extra wide load this airer can handle.

Step Four

The arm profiles of our 3 Arm Rotary Washing Lines are also much thicker than those of our 4 Arm Rotary products.

Step Four

So if you’re looking for a robust Rotary Washing Line that can handle King size bedding whilst giving you a whopping 60 metres of drying space, this is the product to choose!

Step Four