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This is the smallest rotary washing line that we manufacture and it's ideal for those with limited garden space. It will handle the washing for a typical couple, If there's more than 2 of you, you'd be better buying one of our larger rotary washing lines.

It comes with a FREE metal ground spike, FREE water resistant zipped rotary clothes airer cover and we've included some FREE tester samples of our gentle grip clothes pegs. All this free stuff is worth over £20.00

The rotary washing line itself is manufactured using an ALL STEEL heavy duty frame and centre pole. That ALL STEEL bit is really important - many of the cheap Rotaries on the market have aluminium poles and arms and they just bend and break. Our's dont!

The split pole design ensures it is easy to transport and clean and features 3 arms. There are 30 metres of 3mm PVC coated polyester line - so no cheap stuff that will break after a couple of months!

Thanks to the inclusion of our unique "twist and lock" system you'll find that the minimum effort is required to operate this rotary washing line. The twist and lock system also has two settings - one for summer and one for winter - this ensures that the washing line is kept taut whatever the weather.

Remember the FREE GROUND SPIKE we supply? It's worth mentioning that its a proper metal spike - not one of the cheap plastic ones that you get with most other rotaries.

And the FREE ROTARY COVER? Well we've thought that one through as well. Not only is it shower resistant, but we've designed it so that it zips from the bottom upwards - this stops children's fingers getting caught in the Zip.

The turning circle of this rotary washing line is just 1.8m making it perfect for outdoor areas with limited space.

Full assembly and operation instructions are included.

If you need a small, simple to use rotary washing line this is the one for you.


All Home Laundry Company products are manufactured in our own factories to the highest standards and are packed full of features that make them easy to use and install.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, like all our rotaries, it will give you many years of reliable service and comes with a 5 year guarantee on the frame. The PVC line is also guaranteed for a period of ONE (1) year. Evidence of unfair / incorrect usage or incorrect adjustment by the owner will void this promise.

It's worth mentioning that we insure all our deliveries as well! 

And remember, by choosing to dry your washing naturally, you are helping the environment and reducing your energy costs.

Natural drying for life! 


(Latest research shows that tumble dryers account for 4% of all electricity consumption in the UK & Every tumble load costs you between 60 and 70 pence.)  

 The Home Laundry Company Ltd does not recommend the application of a ‘drying canopy’ on any of their outdoor dryer range. Use of such will void any guarantees.